Dramatic moment police raid catches alleged meth dealer

This is the dramatic moment police raided a home and allegedly found dozens of bags of methamphetamine.

Police stormed into the single-story property while Dusit Jay Mungmamad, 26, was inside on New Year’s Eve (December 31) in Songkhla province, southern Thailand.

After searching the house, officers allegedly found 90.8 grams of methamphetamine, known locally as ‘yaba’ or ‘ice’, and a small digital scale believed to be used to weigh the drugs before selling.

They were about to take the man to the police station when he started crying while pleading not to take him as he was alone taking care of his baby.

While crying, he claimed that the drugs were not his and belonged to a friend who works at a bike repair shop. 

He said the man asked him to sell the meth in exchange for car accessories and free bike repairs, which they had allegedly done twice.

After the police interrogated him more, Dusit suddenly showed signs of seizures and his body had started to tremble violently.

Instead of the police station, Dusit was taken to the hospital where paramedics found he had suffered an asthma attack.

Police said they will proceed with the prosecution once the man has been discharged from the hospital.