Chilly elephants keep warm with custom-made sweaters during cold winter weather in Thailand

This is the adorable moment elephants wore customised sweaters to protect their leather skin as the cold season sweeps through Thailand.

Footage shows the jumbos looking snug in one of the handmade jackets after feeding on grass in Chiang Mai province on January 4.

Anchalee Galmaji, manager of Maesa Elephant Camp, said temperatures had plunged to single digits in degrees Celsius in recent weeks, so they need to protect the animals’ health.

She said: ‘When elephants get sick, they will stop eating and drinking so it is important to keep them warm during this season.’

The camp used to provide huge blankets to the elephants but they would fall off when they are walking.

Some elephants were also irritated by the fabric as it would limit their movements. They would then shake the fabric blankets off their bodies.

This time, staff measured the elephants’ body size before making the sweaters so they would perfectly fit their bodies.

A kind tailor who lives near the camp, Prachit Gatungtong, donated the custom sweater made from cotton and special nano-fabric that keeps the body warm.

Seven adult elephants from the camp – Pangeungkam, Pangpermpoon, Pangmaema, Pangporntip, Pangmaewanpen, Pangmaemoon, and Plypoobanyen – were chosen to receive their own sweaters.

State meteorologist Phuwiang Prakhammin said that winter will be colder and longer than previous years. He expected the cool season to last for approximately 122 days until mid-February, with average lows of 20C to 21C nationwide throughout the entire season, however, temperatures are much lower in northern parts of Thailand.