Sssss-cared python chased up an electricity post by barking dogs


A scared python slithered up an electricity post to escape from angry dogs.

The 10ft-long snake was lurking in grassland when the fierce pooches sniffed it out in Chonburi province, Thailand, on February 10.

One of the mutts, owned by a nearby resident, chased the reptile off the property and up a 20ft tall electricity post.

Pet owner Panom Sarpanwong, 53, heard his dog’s furious barks outside so he went to have a look. He said he was shocked when he found the snake trapped on top of the wooden post while his dog waited below.

Other dogs had also gathered below waiting for the snake to give up and climb down.

The pet owner took his dog home and called the animal rescuers to relocate the reptile.

He said: ‘I was so shocked to find the python on the electric pole. I believe that it was trying to escape my dog which had bitten a lot of snakes to death before.’

The rescuers arrived with a mobile crane used to fix power lines to reach the snake easily.

Two volunteers were lifted up the crane and pulled the reptile using a stick with a noose. In less than half an hour, they were able to secure the snake before checking for injuries.

The snake was unharmed by the incident so the team took it inside a bag and drove away to release it back to the wild.