Cobra rampages caught after terrorising diners in outdoor restaurant


This is the shocking moment a 13ft-long king cobra was caught in an outdoor restaurant in Thailand. 

Customer Kaytip Prompet said she was about to cross the wooden bridge when the waiter told her to be careful of the ‘giant’ snake in Nakhon Si Thammarat province on October 13.

When Kaytip looked straight, she discovered that a enormous cobra curling up tightly on the bridge while reptile specialists were attempting to drag the creature out for people’s safety. 

Luckily, the king cobra wasn’t tough to catch. It hardly took the specialist a few minutes to take control of the reptile using his bare hands. 

Kaytip said : ‘The king cobra had the whole restaurant’s attention. If it wasn’t for the waiter, I would have fainted seeing the creature up close.’

The reptile was carried into a plastic bag to be freed to the wild later.