King cobra 14ft long caught under family’s home


A 14ft-long king cobra sparked panic after it was found hiding under a family’s home.

Terrified residents called the animal rescuers after another snake was spotted for the fourth time that week in their house in Phang Nga province, Thailand on February 10.

The house owner waited outside with his neighbours while snake wrangler Bam Similan searched for the reptile.

He found the huge creature hiding on the crevices in the rock where a pipe was installed leading to the home’s mini-pool.

Concerned neighbours flashed a torch during the rescue operation as it was already dark when the deadly snake was discovered.

Bam dug some of the rocks out to widen the gap and pulled the enormous snake weighing 11 kilos.

The king cobra was calm and did not attempt to attack until its neck was secured and removed from its hiding place after almost an hour.

The skillful snake handler then secured it with a rope before letting excited villagers hold the cobra which was believed to be the longest one they have seen in the area.

Bam said the snake’s mating season happen around this month so the reptiles are looking for a safe shelter to reproduce and build a nest.

He said: ‘During the mating season, a lot of snakes would come out of the forest to reproduce. We have received several calls for assistance this week. Always be alert and never try to remove them on your own.’

The cobra was placed inside a sack and brought to the wildlife centre after being rescued before it will be released the next day into the forest.