Kitten rescued after getting stuck in water pipe


A kitten had to be rescued after it was found trapped on a narrow drain pipe in a sewer.

A rescue volunteer, who happened to pass by the area, heard the moggie crying from under the manhole in Nong Khai, Thailand on February 3.

He moved closer to the gaps of the manhole cover calling out to the cat before it responded by crying.

After confirming that the animal was trapped below, he informed his colleagues who arrived to help him save the animal.

The team used a mobile crane to lift the concrete cover and began searching for the little stray in the sewers. Its tiny voice appeared to come from a narrow pipe so they used a stick to lure it out.

After almost an hour, the frightened cat eventually came out of the pipe before one of the rescuers grabbed it out.

The moggie was cleaned as it was wet and shivering from the dirty water that flowed through the pupe.

The rescuer who found the cat said: ‘I’m relieved that the cat had not drowned from the water that flowed through the pipe.

‘It was unharmed and healthy after being trapped for hours. We still don’t know how the animal got there but it has a home now.’

A kind resident who saw the rescuers gave the kitten some food before asking to adopt it.