Dog rescued after getting stuck in bars of metal gate while trying to reach female


A cheeky dog tried to sneak inside a house to meet a female pooch – only to be stuck between the narrow gaps of a metal gate.

House owner Chawee Vichagorn, 72, said the pooch had been visiting his pet before it was caught between the metals in Roi Et province, Thailand on February 10.

The dog was able to take half of its body out of the gate but his abdomen was too huge for the space.

The worried pensioner immediately called animal rescuers to help the hapless stray when he saw it in the morning.

When the rescue team arrived, they gave the dog some water to drink as it appeared to have been dehydrated after being trapped overnight.

After calming the pooch down, they covered its neck in a towel and began to pull it out.

Two volunteers carefully grabbed the animal out until it was freed after an hour.

Chawee thanked the rescuers and said that he will put chicken wires on the lower part of the gate to prevent other strays from entering.

He said: ‘I feel sorry for the dog. I heard it whimpered in the evening but I did not know that it was stuck.

‘I am relieved that it was safe now. I plant to put chicken wires on the gate to prevent this from happening again.’

The dog ran away after it was saved but the old man left a food bowl outside the gate in case it returns.