Chinese woman finds her mother’s lost gold ring on chicken’s foot


A Chinese woman was amazed when a gold ring that she had lost years ago turned up on the leg of a recently killed and plucked chicken.

The incident happened in the city of Quzhou in China’s Zhejiang Province when a woman, Xu, said they had killed the chicken and plucked it when they noticed the gold ring on its foot.

She said that it turned out the ring was one that her mother had lost many years ago and had never expected to see again.

It was not explained how the gold ring ended up on the chicken’s foot, but it is believed it might possibly have stepped into it when smaller and eventually the ring grew around the foot.

The woman told local media said: ‘My mother was very happy, she thought she would never see it again and is now in a very good mood. It’s like finding money in the street only better.’