Snake caught inside schoolgirls motorcycle


A cheeky snake sparked panic after it poked its head out of a motorcycle headlight while a teenager and her grandmother was riding.

Yuwapa Phan Phuppha, 15, was riding to the market with her grandmother who was riding pillion when the snake slithered out of the two-wheeler in Chonburi province, on February 13.

The youngster screamed out of panic and immediately parked in front of Ban Bueng police station before calling the officers for help.

The cops contacted the animal rescuers to handle the reptile, a common rat snake, that had crawled back inside the scooter.

The rescue volunteers first removed the scooter’s seat cover to search for the snake but the animal tucked itself deeper so they had to remove more parts.

Eventually, they were able to catch the snake under the seat after almost half an hour while the grandmother and teenager watched.

One of the rescuers pulled it out using a long pair of metal tongs as the tiny snake could be venomous.

The relieved schoolgirl said: ‘I was shocked when it suddenly came out while I was driving. I had to be careful not to crash and park safely before fleeing with my grandmother.’

The snake was placed inside a sack before the rescuers took it with them to release into the wild.