Motorcycle rider hits boy playing outside home then leaves the scene


A heartless motorcycle rider fled after hitting a boy playing outside their house.

CCTV footage shows the speeding two-wheeler knocking the youngster on a bicycle to the ground in Nonthaburi province, Thailand on February 5.

In the video, the five-year-old boy named Tho Tawanthakad can be heard crying while struggling to walk.

He stumbled on the road repeatedly before the rider return and assisted him off the road. However, the rider immediately left before adults arrived.

Fortunately, the incident was recorded on a neighbour’s security camera facing their garage and the road.

The boy went home alone with his injuries before his frantic father rushed him to the hospital.

He was in stable condition now without any broken bones but he had bruises across his arms and legs.

Worrier mother Kan Tawanthakad, 22, reported the incident to the local police station who searched for the rider.

He was later identified as Chor, 14, and since he was a teenager, the police could not arrest him.

Instead, the boy’s family talked to the teen’s parents and agreed to pay for their medical bill amounting to 5,000 Baht (120 GBP).

As an apology, the teenager also agreed to buy a new bicycle for the little boy who was still at the hospital.

The injured boy’s mother said everything was fine now but she still resented the teen for leaving her son like that.

She said: ‘He should learn his lesson now and be more careful next time. I hope he also learned how to take responsibility for his mistakes.’