Driver parks after crash but forgets to use handbrake… leaving car to roll backwards into vehicle behind

A bungling driver parked after hitting a motorbike rider but forgot to use the handbrake – leaving his car to roll backwards and crash for the second time into the vehicle behind.

Bangon Taopunchong, 52, pulled over after knocking over the motorcyclist on the highway in Chonburi, Thailand on December 24.

Dashcam footage shows the frantic driver alighting her vehicle to help the rider but forgot to secure the brakes which caused it to reverse.

However, she forgot to put the handbrake on. The car rolled back and crashed again into another sedan stuck in traffic behind.

Bangon said: ‘I was so surprised, so I quickly parked the car to assist the injured rider. He appeared to have bruises on his head so I panicked and wanted to help him right away.

‘I was in such a hurry that I forgot to set the parking brake and so I collided with another car.’

The owner of the damaged car at the back, Chyangoon Towpunong, 24, said he was not hurt but urged drivers to be more careful on the road.

He said: ‘I would like to warn people that before getting out of your car, you should set the car to the parking brake.’

Meanwhile, the rider was taken to the hospital to receive treatment while the damaged cars were taken to the mechanic for repair.