Polish fugitive wanted for alleged child abuse arrested in the Philippines

Pictures: FTP

A Polish man wanted in his home country for allegedly abusing children has been arrested in the Philippines.

Dariusz Zygmunt Ziolkowski, 52, was detained when police raided his rented apartment in Suiquijor province on February 15.

The alleged pedophile was alone in the house when immigration officers with the help of local police burst through the door.

He had been a fugitive since May 2018 when an arrest warrant was issued for him by the Polish Judiciary District Court of Wroclaw Fabryxzna for allegedly sexually assaulting a minor.

However, the Pole had fled the country for the Philippines – where the legal age of consent is 12 years old – shortly before the warrant was issued.

Philippine National Police Chief Debold Sinas said alleged sexual offenders are not welcome in the country.

He said: ‘Much as we welcome visitors to our country, foreigners who committed serious crimes in their own country, especially sexual offenders who prey on children will be apprehended immediately.’

Dariusz will remain at the municipal police station while awaiting his Covid-19 test results before he will be transferred to the immigration detention facility in Taguig City and depoerted.