Animal shelter houses hundreds of stray dogs and cats in Thailand

An animal shelter houses hundreds of stray cats and dogs in Thailand.

The Aunt Ae Dog Shelter in Ratchaburi province takes care of more than 350 animals, some of whom are disabled or abandoned by their owners.

The owner, Aunt Ae or Duangphen, used to work as a nursing assistant in Hong Kong 26 years ago, but has since repatriated due to health concerns.

Now married to her husband, she devotes her time to watching the stray animals like her own children – waking up at around 4 in the morning to clean them, and give them food and medicine.

She said her advocacy began when she noticed the many stray animals that needed help whenever she visited the local temple, so she started adopting them.

Today, Aunt Ae’s compound is filled with hundreds of the lively pooches who, despite being handicapped, constantly shower her with love and affection.

She said: ‘No matter what, I will never give up taking care of these disabled dogs with a loving heart. I will take care of them as long as I have the strength to.’