Lost wild boar slips and slides across frozen lake before ice skater pulls it to safety

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pjhu0rn3uu3ecu4/VRP12054.mp4?dl=0

Footage shows a wild boar helplessly slipping and sliding across a frozen lake before a local skater helped move it to land.

Kay Langbehn, 56, was gliding on ice when he saw the hapless creature in Lake Plon, Germany, on Sunday (Feb 14).

The skater is heard saying ‘get off the ice’ and ‘go back, go back, turn around, you have no business here’.

The wild boar momentarily gave up, apparently from exhaustion, before it is seen helplessly falling on the ice once again as Langbehn skated closer and the video ends.

Langbehn then took the boar off the frozen lake with the help of a bystander.

He said: ‘I knew it was a risky move as the animal panicked and tried to attack me. When it reached land, it scurried off into the forest.’

Temperatures in Germany have fallen to below freezing while the country is in the grips of winter.