Bungling lorry driver forgets container height and crashes into low bridge

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ymj62pm6a7smhsn/VRP12100.mp4?dl=0

A bungling lorry driver forgot about the height of his container and crashed into a low bridge.

Samorn Saipot was making a turn when his trailer slammed into the low-level crossing in Chonburi province, Thailand on February 15.

The 18-wheeler’s cabin was able to pass through but the trailer was obstructed by the low-hanging concrete ceiling.

The driver said he immediately stopped the vehicle when he heard a loud scrape from above his head.

Samorn said: ‘I forgot that this bridge was lower than others I would normally pass through.

‘It only had a clearing height of 12ft and my trailer was higher than that. I was shocked when I heard the crash and realised that I had forgot about the low bridge.’

Samorn noticed he had miscalculated his vehicle’s height when he saw the trailer had toppled over.

Samorn called the emergency services to help him pull the trailer out as it was blocking the road.

It was towed away to a nearby repair shop using another truck after the police officers investigated the scene.

The bridge will be evaluated for any damage before it can be used again. No one was hurt in the incident so the truck driver was not charged.