Truck ignores sirens and smashes into ambulance at busy junction


This is the shocking moment a pickup truck driver ignored emergency sirens and smashed into an oncoming ambulance.

CCTV footage shows the other motorists stopping to let the rescue vehicle pass in Khon Kaen province, Thailand, on February 17.

However, the pickup truck driver ignored the warnings and tried to cross the intersection.

Six people were injured in the crash, including the patient being transported to the hospital.

The patient was a 67-year-old woman who had difficulty breathing while walking outside their house with a relative.

Four paramedics and the pensioner’s relative were also injured from the impact after being hit by the pickup truck.

The pickup truck driver was unscathed from the incident although his car bumper was heavily damaged.

Emergency response units arrived and immediately rushed the injured to the hospital to treat their wounds.

The old woman, however, had to undergo more laboratory tests such as x-ray and CT scans as she bumped her head during the incident.

Doctors said she is now in stable condition with only a wound in the head and a broken wrist.

Khon Kaen Police Station officer Preecha Kengsarikij said they will use the CCTV footage as evidence and will interview several drivers.

He said: ‘We are collecting more evidence to prepare the charges once the initial investigation is done. We will also have to wait for the ambulance driver to be discharged from the hospital before we can interview him.’