Pretty woman returning from night out caught on CCTV squatting in restaurant to urinate on floor


A woman returning from a night out was caught on CCTV urinating inside a restaurant.

CCTV footage shows the party-goer stopping a noodle shop to squat and relieve herself among the kitchen equipment in Khon Kaen, Thailand on February 14.

The unidentified woman chose the spot hidden from the road which was also where the noodles were being prepared in the day.

Furious restaurant owner, Suporn Saeeu, said the place reeked of urine when she arrived to open in the morning.

Suporn reviewed the security camera recordings thinking a stray animal could have ransacked the place the previous night.

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However, she was shocked to see it was a ‘pretty girl’ who had dirtied her kitchen.

She said: ‘I checked the CCTV and found the pretty girl peeing. I was so surprised because I thought it was an animal or a drunk man who did this. I never believed that a woman could be so disgusting.’

In the video, the woman was seen using an old newspaper to clean up the urine before walking out of the noodle shop.

Suporn added that the problem had been going on for years as customers from nearby bars would find their hidden and dark shop a suitable place to relieve themselves at night.

She said: ‘There are even some who poop on the floor and leave their cigarette butts in front of the shop.

‘I hope those party-goers will stop causing trouble and use toilets in the bar or pubs instead of peeing on my floor.’

The restaurant owner lodged a complaint to the local police who said they will patrol the area at night to prevent similar incidents in the future.