Repairman needs rescuing after falling into 50ft water tank


A repairman had to be rescued after falling into a 50ft-deep water tank.

Boontham Krasaenok, 47, was fixing leaks with two other colleagues when the incident happened in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand on February 17.

The plumber entered through the narrow 12-inches wide hole to plaster the cracks on the tank’s wall.

However, he slipped and knocked over to the bottom as he descended the dark and enormous container without a safety harness.

Fortunately, the repairman remained conscious after the heavy impact so he was able to call his colleagues for help who contacted the emergency respondents.

Boontham laid motionless at the muddy bottom when the rescuers arrived, but he was still able to answer the people outside.

First, the team let down a long tube connected to an oxygen tank so the injured man could breathe below.

Afterwards, two brave rescuers climbed down while another colleague flashes light on them from the narrow hole.

Upon reaching the man, they helped him to a stretcher as he could not move with his broken bones before he was carried back up after half an hour.

The two rescuers followed climbing up and took the repairman to the hospital where he was found to have a broken hip.

Boontham will have to stay at the hospital until his hips healed and thanked the rescuers for saving his life.

He said: ‘I thought I would die at the bottom. I’m relieved when the rescuers had started to climb down for me.’