Chinese man caught selling machine guns over Instagram


A Chinese man was arrested after he was allegedly caught selling machine guns over Instagram

Police raided the rented apartment of Wu Qiang, 37, where they reportedly found an arsenal of illegal weapons.

He was lead away in handcuffs from the home in Samut Prakan, Thailand, on Thursday afternoon (Feb 18).

Officers seized nine unregistered assault rifles, two explosives, and a round of ammunition containing 12,000 bullets after searching the place.

More than 40 assorted gun accessories including tools used to make weapons were also allegedly found inside the room.

Aside from the firearms, police said they found plastic packets containing a white substance identified as methamphetamine weighing 5 grams lying on the floor.

Wu Qiang had allegedly been selling the weapons online through an Instagram account that he managed.

Police Lieutenant General Kornchai Klaikeung said undercover cops had verified the reports about his online store before they conducted the raid.

He said: ‘This man was very good at selling with his Master’s Degree in Marketing. He made transactions smoothly and was hard to catch.

‘However, he still will not be able to escape the law. We are looking for other people who might be connected to his activity.’

Police are now investigating where the Chinese man allegedly received his supply from and to wh he had distributed to before.

All of the seized guns were taken to the police station to be held as evidence. Forensics officers were also examining the weapons to find fingerprints.