Pet dogs fight with monitor lizard that wandered into their garden


Two fierce pet dogs fought a helpless monitor lizard they found wandering around their owner’s garden.

Footage shows the two pooches attacking the reptile in the garden in Ang Thong province, Thailand, on February 18.

The lizard had crept in from the back of the house after climbing a tree to get over the wall.

However, it was spotted by the pooches while it roamed around looking for food.

One of the dogs secured the lizard by its tail while the brown pet attacked it with its paws during the fight.

The lizard whipped its tail and tried to scare away the pooches by hissing but without success.

Shocked pet owner, Pramote Thongkammak, heard the commotion outside so he ran to check what was happening.

He scared the dogs away before calling the animal rescuers to help the injured reptile.

Pramote said: ‘The poor lizard was no match for my dogs. I felt so sorry for it when I saw it wasn’t moving, I thought it had died.’

The rescue team checked the lizard’s wounds and gave it some first aid before it was placed in a sack to be transported back to the facility.

One of the rescuers said the reptile will be released back to the wild once its wounds had healed.

He said: ‘The dogs had bitten its body. It had some wounds that needed to be treated first before we could release it.’