Street vendor’s drinks sales soar after wearing cosplay outfits


A street vendor’s sales of grass jelly drinks have soared after she dressed up in cosplay to attract customers.

Footage shows the beautiful vendor wearing an anime-inspired black-laced dress and cat ears while customers queued in front of her stall in Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand on February 19.

Panimit Noon Limpaiboon said her sales have increased since she started wearing cute costumes while preparing the sweet drinks.

She said: ‘I can sell more than 200 drinks a day since I’ve done cosplaying. Before, I was only able to sell up to 20 drinks a day at most.’

The creative vendor added that passers-by were sometimes more curious about her outfit so they would approach her for a picture and buy drinks afterwards.

She said: ‘I have had several customers before who were more interested in my outfit than the drinks.

‘They would approach me for a picture and then notice the drinks I’m selling later. They would buy drinks for them and their friends afterwards.’

Panimit currently serves cold grass jelly drink with milk in plastic cups and said she is open to expanding her business if the demand continued to grow.

The delighted vendor said: ‘People always like something new and fun, which is why they are buying my delicious drink.

‘I don’t mind expanding if needed, I will surely be very busy looking for more outfits to wear while selling.’