Thai police catch woman filmed stealing gold chain from Belgian tourist’s neck while he made video selfie

Thai police caught the woman who was filmed stealing a gold chain from a tourist’s neck while he made a video selfie.

Officers tracked down Manatnan Pengwichai, 30, to her apartment on April 2 through CCTV footage from a nearby convenience store where she was seen wearing the same floral top as in the video.

Manatnan was identified through a distinctive tattoo that was seen while she skillfully unhooked the jewellery from Belgian tourist Frederik de Vreese, 25, while she hugged him in the Sukhumvit Road area of Bangkok, Thailand, on March 29.

The transgender woman was taken into custody to face theft charges and was denied bail.

Lumphini police station officer Naruewat Buddhawiro said the suspect was caught in a neighbouring city.

He added: ‘The tourist showed the video to us and we immediately searched through the CCTV. She was easily found through her tattoo and dress.

‘We then requested an arrest warrant for her and the officers went to her location where we found her. She will be facing her charges in Bangkok.’

Her alleged victim Frederik was recording the clip of himself talking about the nightlife as he walked past a five-star hotel on the Sukhumvit Road area of Bangkok on March 29 evening.

During the video, a woman approached him and put her arms around his neck while saying ‘where you go, honey? I go to your room, I go f*** you’ before the thief with swift hands took walked away with his jewellery.

Officers informed Frederik about the arrest and he said was delighted with the news, but his necklace is yet to be recovered as it was already sold to a gold shop for 26,000 baht.

Frederik said: ‘The chain belonged to my grandfather, it was in the family for many years. I think it was worth around 800 euros. It had a lot of sentimental value.’

The Thai capital has signs in English and Chinese at various points warning tourists about pickpockets and snatch thieves.

Last month a tourist from Kuwait had more than 4,500 USD in cash stolen after taking two prostitutes back to his hotel room before they allegedly drugged his coffee to knock him out.