Teacher arrested after ‘abusing student in sex hotel in return for good grades’

A Thai teacher was arrested after allegedly abusing a student in a sex hotel in exchange for good grades after she failed her exams.

The social studies teacher Huan Bunsi was seen driving a car with a female student before entering a short-time love motel in Surin province, northeast Thailand, on April 4.

A concerned local who had been suspicious of the teacher and following him immediately reported the incident to the local police who sent officers to confirm.

Upon inspection, Huan was found to be with a 17-year-old girl who was a ninth-grader in the school where he had been teaching. She claimed that he had undressed her and started touching her body on the agreement that he would change her scores so she could pass her exams.

Police Colonel Saenghiran Kaewdee said: ‘A concerned staff member from the school had been following this teacher because there have been rumours about him and what he was doing to students.

‘When our informant saw that he picked up the girl from behind the school, she followed the car everywhere and it pulled over in the hotel.’

The teacher was taken for questioning and denied the allegations, saying that the girl voluntarily went with him to the motel.

However, the girl claimed that the teacher took her to the hotel ‘and touched her private parts’ when she met up with him because she failed her course.

The girl told police: ‘I went to school to meet the teacher because I failed in social studies. He invited me for a meal outside so I followed. We ate and drank beer before he brought me to this hotel.

‘He asked me how much I want to be paid, 500 or 2,000 THB. I asked him ‘Why are you doing this?’ He then proceeded to touch my private parts, my inner thighs and then my breasts but I brushed his hand away.’

The girl’s shocked mother, who has already been contacted by police, said: ‘Police asked me to go to the station for an urgent matter.

‘I was heartbroken when I heard that my daughter had been molested. I will take serious actions even if the school director asks me to let it go.’

Meanwhile, the school director claimed the teacher did not display strange behaviour and there were no previous complaints against him.

Nadee Wittaya School Director Totsaporn Sakaew said: ‘This teacher did not display any strange behaviour or aggression in school and we have never heard of such complaints before.

‘The student’s class had already completed their studies except for her, so we allowed her to have special classes in school so she could write the exam but before she could complete, this happened.’

‘We never requested the parents to not make this matter public. I’m not sure how the police knew that the pair left school but the truth is everybody is on vacation and no teachers are in school except for some teachers that have been asked to. I was at school the whole time.’

The teacher was charged with kidnapping and sexual assault but investigations are still ongoing.