Out-of-work dancer becomes a hit after showing off her crazy moves while selling french fries

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Video (subtitles): https://www.dropbox.com/s/1vpilwyegwktqbd/VRP12749_2.mp4?dl=0

A dancer who lost her job during the pandemic has become a hit after showing off her crazy moves while selling French Fries.

Thanaporn Mankonkaew had been a backing dancer with Thai pop star singer Lamyai Haitongkam travelling around the country.

But when Covid-19 lockdowns came into force last year, Thanaporn was unable to continue working.

To make ends meat, she opened a food stall outside her home in Bangkok, Thailand, and entertained customers with her wacky dance moves.

Videos posted on social media for her serving skills gained attention and customers were soon flocking to her roadside food stand.

Thanaporn said: ‘I wasn’t getting many customers at first, even though my food was great. Then when I started dancing while cooking, people were really impressed.’

Music-lover Thanaporn, whose nickname is Mint, named her stall ‘Delicious Every Time… But I Don’t Remember The Recipe’.

She opens every day from 5pm until 11pm and also sells fried chicken and Japanese dish Gyoza.

Speaking in the video, she says: ‘ Hello, my name is Mint. I run a French Fries store called ‘Delicious Every Time… But I Don’t Remember The Recipe’.

‘I was a freelance dancer. But the Covid hit so I started selling French Fries but did not promote it on social media.

‘There’s lots of space around the shop so I dance while making the food.  

‘After the customers watched my dance, they ask me to repeat it so they could record videos.

‘Sometimes I also recorded myself dancing and post it on the Internet. Then suddenly many people started watching my videos.

‘I never knew the videos would be so popular.

‘We serve French Fries, Japanese Gyoza and chicken popcorn. We also sell a variety of fried chicken but they sell out quickly. Right now, there is only chicken popcorn available.

‘The shop is located in Charan Alley 35. It is 300 meters away from the main road. We are right in front of Benz Barber shop. We open in the evening starting from 5PM to 11PM or from 5PM to whenever we’ve sold out.’