Officers drag away man trying to jump queue at Covid-19 testing site in China

This is the moment officers dragged away a man trying to jump the line at a Covid-19 testing site in eastern China.

The alleged rulebreaker had reportedly cut in front of several people at the testing centre in Wuxi City in Jiangsu province. He was ordered to return to the back of the line after being caught by officers, but when he refused, they dragged him away from the queue instead.

Wuxi City is next to Shanghai, China’s commercial centre and a major transport hub that was locked down after posting more than 114,000 new COVID-19 cases since the beginning of March. On Thursday, April 7, local health authorities reported a record 19,982 daily infections.

As of April 6, China has reported more than 20,000 new COVID-19 cases – a daily caseload comparable to the early days of the pandemic in 2020.

Despite its neighbours in the region learning to live with the virus, China has maintained its stringent zero-Covid approach, enforcing severe lockdowns to purge Covid-19 from the country.