Old man in Covid-19 hotspot Shanghai, China, begs to go to hospital after local committee ‘denies him permit’

A sick pensioner knelt down and begged to be taken to the hospital after his local community committee reportedly denied him a permit to leave his home in Shanghai, China.

Video taken in the city’s Tianlin neighbourhood on April 7 shows the old man dropping to his knees while people wearing personal protective equipment around him were caught in a heated argument.

The old man wearing a blue cap and shirt was finally allowed to leave on an ambulance after a doctor reportedly confronted members of the neighbourhood committee.

Shanghai, China’s commercial centre and a major transport hub, was locked down after posting more than 114,000 new COVID-19 cases since the beginning of March. On Thursday, April 7, local health authorities reported a record 19,982 daily infections.

Authorities initially implemented a staggered lockdown in Shanghai on March 28, dividing the densely populated city in half and enforcing different restrictions in each area. The quarantine was supposed to end on April 5, but has now been extended indefinitely over the entirety of Shanghai.

Residents are not allowed to leave their homes even for essential goods, relying instead on rations doled out by government officials.

Despite its neighbours in the region learning to live with the virus, China has maintained its stringent zero-Covid approach. It has enforced severe lockdowns aimed at purging Covid-19 from the country.