Hundreds of pieces of sugarcane fall from the back of moving truck

This is the shocking moment hundreds of pieces of sugarcane fell from the back of a moving truck.

Dashcam footage shows the newly cut stalks being transported away from a farmer’s field along narrow roads in Loei province, Thailand, on December 31.

Nnong Puiphoonga, who was driving behind the truck, said he was with four family members when the incident happened.

He tried to hit the brakes on time but his vehicle was still damaged by some of the sugarcane.

Nnong said: ‘I knew something bad was going to happen because the cargo kept swaying but I couldn’t overtake the truck because it would have been too dangerous.”

The driver said that the rope securing the stalks may have come loose as the truck travelled along the highway.

He said: ‘When I saw it collapsing, I was not able to stop but I hit the brakes before I crashed into it.’

No one was reported injured on the scene while traffic officers arrived to clear the sugarcane that had blocked the road.