Furious mother-in-law attacks daughter’s husband after catching him ‘getting married to his mistresses’

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4c1de04xeek9e8w/VRP12832.mp4?dl=0

This is the moment a furious mother-in-law caught her daughter’s husband getting married to his mistress.

Footage shows the angry woman slapping her son-in-law’s head during the Buddhist wedding ceremony in Chai Nat province, Thailand, on February 19.

The young bride – who reportedly knew he was already married – sat beside the shocked groom while the confused monks continued chanting blessings for the religious ceremony.

Nipapan Peuchpen, 33, claimed her policeman husband, Sergeant Sarunyoo Mukaew, 34, had been secretly dating a younger lover for more than a year.

The devastated wife said she kept the cheating a secret to protect her daughters aged 15 and five until concerned friends leaked the information to her about his lavish wedding.

Police said that the alleged bigamist husband now faces 30 days in jail for ‘keeping a mistress while holding public office’ – an obscure Thai law that bans any officials from having affairs.

Jilted wife Nipapan said: ‘I initially did not think that my husband would get married to his mistress. Before the wedding, he was still staying at home with me and told me he would be going out to work the night shift at his station.’

The enraged wife said friends had told her about the big event so the next day, she crashed the wedding with her mother.

She said: ‘The next morning, I went to the woman’s house to see whether there would be a wedding party or not. When I arrived, I was shocked and sad. I never thought he would really get married.’

While filming the scene, Nipapan’s mother approached the groom and bride to try and stop the wedding but without success.

The wife also showed their marriage certificate to the woman’s family and their guests but they were kicked out of the house and the wedding continued.

However, the defiant mother said she would help her daughter file complaints to the police so that her son-in-law and his ‘homewrecker’ girlfriend would also be punished.

She said: ‘I just knew that he got married to another woman. How could he do that? And to his girlfriend, she needs to know that women should not be homewreckers.’

After the wedding video was reported to the authorities, the policeman husband was put under investigation by his superiors for allegedly illegally marrying twice as he and his wife were not yet divorced.

Police Major General Yingyot Thepjamnong said: ‘According to the law, a police officer who has a mistress will be jailed for 30 days.

‘Any man who has a wife and doesn’t take care of them causing damages to the wife will be jailed for 30 days. Furthermore, duplicating a marriage is punishable with 30 days of imprisonment as well.’