Stealthy monitor lizard pounces on fish while woman feeds them


A stealthy monitor lizard gatecrashed a woman’s turtle feeding session – pouncing on the group to snatch a fish.

The hungry reptile sensed a hearty lunch was on the menu when all of the creatures had swum to one place where the woman was feeding pieces of bread to a wild turtle.

The monitor lizard realised its next meal would be as easy as ‘shooting fish in a barrel’ and calmly floated over with its snout poking above the water.

While the woman, named Sawit, fed the turtle and the fish and a friend recorded her, the lizard suddenly pounced. It missed at its first try as the fish literally leaped out of the water.

But the lizard was not leaving empty-mouthed and gulped down one of the fish with a ferocious second bite at the public park in Bangkok, Thailand, last Friday (Feb 19).

Sawit said: ‘I screamed because it was so scary. It caught me by surprise. I saw the lizard’s teeth as it jumped towards me, so I thought it was going to bite me.’

Apple’s friend, Poochika Chomsay, who recorded the video during their day out, said she wanted to show other people to be careful while feeding wildlife.

She said: ‘It’s funny when we watch it back but it could have been serious if the lizard bit my friend’s hand. It was very close to her. I want to make sure other people know to be careful.’