Lucky cyclists yards from being struck by lightning as bolt hits tree next to them


A group of children had a brush with death after cycling by a tree – moments before it was struck by lightning.

CCTV footage shows three youngsters riding around a public park as a thunderstorm suddently approached in Lanao del Sur province, the Philippines on February 17.

As the lads circled around a concrete sports pitch, a lightning bolt tore down from the heavens, exploding in a ball of sparks as it struck a large tree.

Chillingly, the group had been at the exact spot the lightning struck just six seconds earlier.

The fire immediately died on its own before black smoke was seen covering the tree and some branches feel off.

Soon after, the youngsters left the plaza through the entrance. They were all unharmed.

Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Officer Francis Garcia said they monitored the area after seeing the video.

He said: ‘We checked the power lines for damage and checked the tree in case a fire inspection was needed, but fortunately the lightning did not do too much damage.’

Officer Francis added that the children were not hurt and the park was closed off for the day.

He said: ‘There was a thunderstorm at that time and the children were playing on their bikes. They did not think that a bolt of strong lightning would hit the area. Thankfully none of them were hurt.’