Cheeky stray dog caught on CCTV stealing restaurant sign


A cheeky stray dog was caught on CCTV stealing a sign from the front of a restaurant.

Footage shows the brown pooch pulling the banner off the glass window of the building in Songkhla province, Thailand, on February 16.

Owner Kalyaphat Chusinuan was wondering where the advertisement poster had gone when she noticed it was missing the day after.

She reviewed the security camera in front of her shop to see what happened thinking that a thief might have entered the restaurant’s yard.

However, she was amused upon finding out that it was naughty stray dog that had pulled it out.

The dog struggled to remove the poster as it had been secured with double-sided tape but eventually succeeded before leaving the place with it.

The poster was a government’s advertisement for a food discount campaign that has been popular in the country.

Kalyaphat said she later saw the dog playing with the poster nearby and wouldn’t let go of it.

She said: ‘I was amused because the dog might be thinking that the poster was a toy. At the same time, I was relieved because it was a dog who had stolen the poster and not a bad person.’