Toddler rescued after getting accidentally locked in hot car while grandmother went shopping


A two-year-old boy was rescued after accidentally getting locked inside a hot car.

Sirikorn Boonanan, 62, left his grandson in the vehicle while she went out to buy groceries in Ang Thong province, Thailand on February 21.

The car door was unlocked but when the grandmother returned she was shocked because the latch was down.

She peeked through the lightly-tinted windows and saw the poor boy crying and sweaty inside the hot car.

The frantic grandmother rummaged through her bag for the keys, but it was left inside the car.

She then tried to give instructions to the boy on how to open it but without success so she rushed to call the store’s security staff.

A car mechanic was also contacted, but the boy was at risk of suffocating so they decided to break the window glass while the old woman tried to calm the boy down.

After the window was broken, they were able to open the front passenger seat door and take the boy out.

The relieved grandmother hugged her grandson whose shirt was drenched in sweat while he cried.

Sirikorn said: ‘I tried to tell him to unlock the car, but he didn’t understand. I am relieved that there were people who helped us.

‘I don’t know what could have happened to my grandson if they did not help us right away.’