Hungry snake caught eating woman’s earphones


A hungry tree snake needed rescuing after eating a woman’s earphones – that became stuck in its throat.

Phusanisa Warirak saw the thin green snake slither into her house in Ang Thong province, Thailand on February 19.

The woman kept calm and called the emergency services as she watched the cheeky reptile as it searched for food in the bedroom.

However, the desperate snake found nothing edible and instead tried to devour a pair of white earphones – which it may have mistaken for a smaller prey.

The 3ft-long snake swallowed part of the accessory but started choking as the rescue team arrived.

One of the rescuers, Wirit Phon, took the snake into Phusanisa’s garage and checked how far the earphones were lodged into its throat.

Wirit stretched the snake’s body out on the ground while his colleague gave him some advice while filming.

After the snake appeared to have calmed down, the skillful rescuer shook the reptile’s body to help it spit out the device.

After almost five minutes, the earphone had fallen out of its mouth and the snake was put inside a bag so the team could travel it back for releasing in the wild.

The rescuer said the thin snake was most likely hungry and thought it could eat the earphone.

Wirit said: ‘The snake was as thin as my little finger. It’s the first time I saw a tree snake eating an earphone. I think it was hungry and mistook the earphones for a victim.’