Baby cow rescued after getting stuck in drainage hole


A baby cow was rescued after falling under a narrow 13ft-deep concrete drainage hole filled with water.

Footage shows the 50kg creature neck-deep in the sewer water in Nakhon Ratchasima province, Thailand on February 22.

The calf named Buakao wandered outside of his farm and feed on the grass near a hole by the river when he fell.

The hapless animal did not notice the drainage which was left uncovered so he plunged to the bottom after a misstep.

His owner looked for him until he saw it stuck in the hole. Concerned neighbours tried to help the fared take the animal out but without success so they contacted the animal rescuers instead.

As the animal was too heavy for a regular rope being used during rescue operations, the team had to use a metal chain to carry him out of the hole.

One of the kind rescuers jumped down the drain and tried to calm down the animal.

He then attached the chain to a cloth to secure the calf’s body before they pulled him together finally saving the animal.

The relieved animal’s owner said ‘This calf had always been curious about its surroundings. I forgot to tie it this morning and it ended up stuck under the hole.’

The calf was uninjured and taken back to the farm where he quickly ran back to his mother.