Boy, 2, electrocuted to death after putting metal spoon into extension plug


Pictures: FTP

A two-year-old boy was electrocuted to death after putting a metal spoon into an extension plug while playing.

Jake Angara, who had celebrated his second birthday this month, wandered in the kitchen while his mother was cooking in Quezon City, the Philippines on February 19.

While Jake’s mother, Eloisa, had her back turned preparing dinner, the infant reached for a spoon on the kitchen counter that was used to stir his milk.

Jake walked away with it – believing it was a toy – and went to his bedroom upstairs. His older sister, aged four, was also in the house at the time but was not with him.

Tragically, while the curious toddler was playing alone he then put the end of the metal spoon into an extension cable power adaptor that was used to plug in TV set.

It was turned on at the time and immediately electrocuted the infant.

Eloisa rushed to the bedroom after hearing a loud bang and found the boy collapsed on the floor with burns on his hands.

Eloisa and her husband, who was also in the house when it happened but in another room, turned off the power and rushed their son to the hospital as he was still breathing after the incident.

The medics, upon arrival at the hospital, tried to revive Jake without success and he was pronounced dead.

Heartbroken mother Eloisa said she regrets leaving her son alone in the room while she cooked.

She said: ‘I don’t know how I can move on now. My son was too young to die.’

The boy’s grieving father, Jack, said: ‘It’s still hard to accept my child is gone. To us it’s so hard I still can’t believe my Jake who was so lively is gone. I miss him so much.

‘People said we look alike, we were so very close. I can’t imagine going home without you in the house. I can’t imagine him not coming to me whenever I go home from work and asking me for treats. If I have the power to bring back the time I would have taken care of you.’

The boy was taken to the morgue for funeral arrangements and is expected to be buried this week.