Couple spark outrage after having sex in busy park in broad daylight


A brazen couple sparked outrage after they were seen having sex in a public park in broad daylight.

The pair shocked onlookers when they pulled aside their shorts and began making out in Bangkok, Thailand, before Valentine’s Day (February 13).

Gobsmaked parkgoer, Rattana, said she watched as the woman straddled her boyfriend in a ‘cowgirl’ position.

Footage shows how the pair continued the public romp for more than four minutes – with the woman’s legs wrapped around her partners on the ground.

At one point, her naked bottom could be seen as the man lifted her into his lap while they rocked back and forth under the tree.

Shockingly, people were walking through the Vachirabenjatas Park, near the city’s Chatuchak Weekend Market.

Outraged filmer Rattana said she wanted to capture what was happening ‘so the authorities could investigate’.

She said: ‘It was worse before I started the recording because they were in a cowgirl position, like they would do in a bedroom. They totally forgot that they were in a public area.

‘These people have no sense of basic decency. There were children around us and families were walking all over the park.’

The stunned onlooker added that the spot was near a playground where there were several children playing, but the exhibitionist pair still continued their indecent act.

Rattana added: ‘The couple did not budge even after people started to walk right next to the fence behind them.’

The couple in the video have not yet been identified but there have since been calls for the police to take action against them

Public indecency in Thailand is punishable with a fine not exceeding 5,000 Baht (117GBP).