Quick-thinking driver avoids out-of-control pickup truck hurtling towards her

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gyvgcdhtm10hwd3/VRP13416.mp4?dl=0

A quick-thinking driver accelerated onto a central island to dodge a speeding pickup truck that was hurtling along the road.

Driver Jantagarn Kamrahong, 19, was pulling onto a main road when she noticed the white pickup in Chanthaburi province, Thailand on February 13.

As she was shifting her black sedan to make the turn, she saw the speeding vehicle approaching.

The calm youngster hit the gas to get out of its way, which made her lightly bump the centre island.

She was able to dodge the pickup truck which continued spinning down the road before smashing into several parked vehicles. Miraculously, nobody was seriously hurt in the crash.

Terrified Jantagarn said: ‘I saw that another car was speeding along the road, so I drove forward. I tried to dodge the car and collided with the island in the middle of the road.’

Aside from parked cars, the pickup slammed into an electric pole before a cloud of dust was seen.

The rescue team arrived at the scene to help the pickup truck’s driver who was stuck inside the wrecked vehicle.

The rescue operation took almost half an hour before the paramedics were able to provide him with first aid and take him to the hospital.

The teenager’s friend in the passenger’s seat was also slightly injured with bruises from the impact when they bumped the centre island.

Security guard Ekkawit Kanitchayanan, who worked at a nearby establishment, said they will submit the evidence to the police.

He said: ‘The video was a great piece of evidence. We are willing to be interviewed to help the police find what really happened.’

Police officers are still investigating the incident and will invite both drivers to the station to make a statement once everyone has been discharged from the hospital.