Pet Siberian Husky pretends to be stuck in steel fence to get the attention of his owner


Amusing footage shows a naughty Siberian Husky pretending to be stuck in a steel fence to get the attention of his owner.

The three-month-old pooch named Happy wriggled his body and made loud squeaky noises while his head was set between the gate’s gap in Ubon Ratchathani province, Thailand on February 10.

However, his owner was not deceived by the husky’s acting as she had seen the puppy’s performance many times before near her home.

After failing to get the attention it was asking for, the husky automatically shook his head out of the metal gate after only a few seconds.

Pet owner Milk Khwanruthai said: ‘Happy does this all the time. Before I recorded the video, he stuck his head in and out thrice when I acted like I wasn’t watching him.’