Angry protesters confront police over corruption and nepotism in the force


Angry protesters this afternoon (Feb 23) confronted police over corruption and nepotism within the force.

Large crowds marched to the National Police Headquarters following recent controversies over corruption.

Police whistleblowers this week revealed in parliament the widely-known practice of bribery and nepotism – with officers even bribing each other for transfers and promotions to more ‘lucrative’ stations.

One practice is known as ‘the elephant ticket’, which allows police officers to advance up the ranks by securing a letter signed by a powerful figure, without having to go through the formal channels.

Protesters slammed the systemically corrupt public body while gathering outside the headquarters in the Thai capital.

Anti-establishment protests erupted across Thailand towards the end of 2020. Activists are calling for sweeping social reforms including the resignation of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, a new constitution and reforms to the monarchy, which is the wealthiest in the world and commands vast power within the country.