Two pet cats fight over a spot in a motorcycle basket


Amusing footage shows two pet cats squabbling over the ‘shotgun’ position in a motorcycle’s headlight basket.

The orange moggie was seen trying to scare away another cat that wouldn’t budge from the prized spot on the vehicle in Ratchaburi province, Thailand on February 22.

The white, black and orange cat named Song refused to move from the basket and simply continued to lay there, ignoring the bickering from the other feline.

Pet owner Thitiya Aumdeesud said the orange cat named Nung could not stand seeing another animal stealing its favourite spot. It became aggressive until Song lashed out and jumped away from the basket.

She said: ‘He knew he had to growl louder to take what was his back. Normally the orange cat would allow his friend to sleep over there, but I think today he must have been grumpy.’