Clingy wife sticks marriage certificate to husband’s clothes to stop him from straying


A clingy wife sticks a copy of her marriage certificate to her husband’s clothes to stop him from straying.

Footage shows Police officer Thonapat Thammawong walking around his office with a small replica of his marriage document pinned to his chest in Chonburi province, Thailand on February 23.

His wife, Nichapa Thammawong, 31, printed the certificate on an ID-sized piece of cars which was laminated and pinned to the front pockets of her husband’s uniform.

The woman placed the paper inside a protective plastic so she could take it off and then pin again to her husband’s other uniforms after wearing.

The cop said his wife had the idea after news broke out about a police officer from another province being able to marry twice.

He said: ‘I suspected that my wife is scared that I will have a mistress so she prepared this small marriage license for me.’

The loving husband had created a spectacle when he first showed up with the license but he said he was not embarrassed as long as his wife was happy.

He said: ‘I don’t feel embarrassed by it. What’s important for me is my wife’s peace of mind, that she will feel at ease.’

Meanwhile, the overprotective spouse believed that the paper would prevent other girls from flocking around her ‘handsome’ husband.

Nichapa said: ‘Girls are often attracted to men in uniform because they are handsome and manly. I trust my husband but I don’t trust these girls.’