Jilted boyfriend rescued after jumping into sewer in Thailand

A jilted boyfriend was rescued after jumping into a sewer filled with dirty water in Thailand.

Rescuers rushed to save Banchid Pilasuk, 43, after he was seen plunging into the drainage system while it was being repaired in Samut Prakan province on January 5.

Onlookers ran over and reached into the water but he had already fallen deep into the sewage and been pushed through the pipe.

They contacted the emergency rescuers who quickly searched for the man by opening up concrete lids across the drainage path.

After almost half an hour, the man was found 50ft away from the hole where had jumped in.

The rescuers used a steel bar to destroy the cover and found the man appearing to be confused about what was happening.

He was cleaned up before being interviewed why he jumped but he only said he ‘was feeling hot’.

The officers also contacted his wife who told them that Banchid had found a new lover, but she had dumped him over his drinking habits.

The wife said: ‘My husband is an alcoholic. After Banchid found a new woman, she didn’t like him drinking so they had a fight and she told him to leave.

‘I think he was trying to get back with her, so he quit drinking and went ‘cold-turkey’ but his body was not able to take it.’

Meanwhile, some of his colleagues reported that Banchid had been distressed over the breakup.

The man was taken to the hospital to check for injuries and further medical care.