Girlfriend, 32, arrested over ‘love triangle murder after slitting the throat of jealous Muay Thai boxing instructor’


A woman was arrested over an alleged love triangle murder when she slit the through of her jealous Muay Thai boxing instructor lover.

Ploy Pailin, 32, met boxer Wichang Malitong, 46, when she signed up for a fitness class at a gym in Bangkok, Thailand.

The two became close and developed a relationship over time before Ploy allegedly found a new lover. She then tried to break up with the boxer several times but Wichang refused to let her go.

On February 21, the two reportedly agreed to meet in Wichang’s house to talk about ‘repairing the relationship’.

Neighbours allegedly heard the two fighting inside the house but did not intervene as they thought they were only having an argument.

However, Wichang was later found dead in the morning (Feb 22) with deep cuts across his neck from a knife.

Police officers arrested the woman a few hours after the body was found. They claim she had been planning the murder as she carried a knife with her when they met.

Ploy allegedly admitted stabbing her lover but said that the boxer tried to rape her that night and she reacted in self-defence.

Police Colonel Surapong Putkhao said the two had been dating until the woman tried to break up because she found a younger man, who she had been seeing while also dating the boxing instructor.

The police chief said: ‘The couple met at a Muay Thai boxing gym. The woman wanted to break up with Wichan since she already had a new boyfriend and her parents did not approve of the boxer.

‘However, that night when they met, the woman sliced his throat causing immediate death. We are investigating all of the details and checking if anybody else was involved.’

Ploy was taken to the police station to be charged with murder while the investigation is ongoing.