Police patrol boats raid huge party ‘breaking Covid-19 rules’ in Argentina

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ekhomnc1mdxc1h5/VRP13895.mp4?dl=0

This is the moment coastguards broke up a large party involving several boats of young revellers with 14 of them now facing punishment.

The incident was reported for violating Covid-19 rules on the Arroyo Anguila river delta in the city of San Isidro in the north-eastern Argentine province of Buenos Aires on February 21.

The Argentine Naval Prefecture said the coast guard was carrying out a ‘Safe Summer’ operation that involves intense coastal patrols to enforce pandemic regulations over the weekends.

Agents of the Argentine Maritime Authority reportedly observed a group of boats grouped together around a yacht with a significant number of people not social distancing.

The authority said they alerted the coast guard who sent officials on boats and jet skis to break up the party.

A video taken during the inspection shows many youngsters in swimwear dancing to music on the boats as the coast guard pull up.

The other boats dispersed, but the yacht’s crew refused to cooperate so the Federal Court of First Instance of San Isidro authorised officials to board the ship.

Once aboard, officers found there were more than the maximum capacity allowed for the boat, the registration had expired, the fire extinguishers were out of date, and there were no flares on board.

Notices were issued for the infractions and the party was dispersed.