Six-legged puppy born at vet’s clinic in Oklahoma


A puppy that was rejected by its mother after being born with six legs is being taken care of at a veterinary clinic in Oklahoma.

The ‘miracle puppy’ named Skipper, who was an Australian shepherd and collie mixed-breed, was born in Neel Veterinary Hospital on February 16.

The malformed pooch was born with nine other normal puppies but she had been rejected by her mother due to her strange appearance.

One of the vets who took care of Skipper said she had to be bottle-fed after her mother refused to take her.

She said: ‘She has a type of congenital conjoining disorders which means she has one head and chest cavity but two pelvic regions, two lower urinary tracts, two reproductive systems, two tails, and two legs among other things.

‘Despite this, she is a special puppy so we took care of her and bottle-feed her as her mother had rejected her.’

At first, the vets were worried because of the puppy’s rare condition but Skipper is defying the odds. The puppy’s organs appeared to be working well, all of her legs moved and responded to stimulus.

The puppy’s owners also said that they have no plans on doing surgeries but were open to options in the future.

Skipper is now home with her owners and is doing great. They said she was up all night crawling around and trying to climb everything.