Storm waves batter homes along coast of southern Thailand

Storms caused rough seas which battered the coast of Songkhla, southern Thailand, this morning (Jan 6).

The torrential weather from the annual northeast monsoon damaged a 5km long breakwater before three-metre high waves pounded the shoreline and nearby homes. Several wooden homes collapsed and were washed away into the ocean.

Resident Wandee Sangpid said: The waves were violent and hit the coasts until it damages the breakwaters. Now it is causing cracks to my house. I hope we will receive help soon.”

Police Captain Arun Sawasdee said authorities will change the breakwaters into an embankment dam that would be able to tolerate the violent waves.

The storms affecting southern provinces along the border with Malaysia are the result of the northeast monsoon, which hits Southeast Asia annually.

Thailand’s Meteorology Department warned of flash floods from January 4 – 8. The organisation said: ”The strong northeast monsoon prevailing Thailand and the Gulf accompanied by the low cell over the lower South China Sea will move to cover Malaysia. Isolated heavy rain to very heavy rain is likely in the Songkhla, Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat. People in these areas should beware of heavy rain and accumulated rain that may cause flash floods.”