Fearless woman climbs 32ft bamboo ladder to catch python in school hall roof

A brave snake catcher used a bamboo ladder to catch a python hiding in a school roof in Thailand.

Two school teachers were shocked when they saw a python hanging above the sports hall ing at school on Sunday (Dec 27).

Ratta Tapienthong was called out to catch the reptile, which some 10 meres off the ground, inside the school building in Ang Thong province 

The only children around were those having extra lessons but Ratta said the reptile could easily have bitten one of them it had dropped on their head.

She said: ”Climbing up the ladder was a risky way of catching a snake, but it was the only way, so I had to be very cautious. I could not leave it up there as it could have attacked animals or even the children.

”I have trained to catch snakes with my bare hands, but I was still sweating afterwards. I would not advise anybody else to try this.”

Village council chief Chuwit Changpradit said he called the female snake wrangler as he had heard about her exploits. She is known as one of the best snake handlers in the region.

Ratta climbed up the bamboo ladder to reach the snake before she wrapped the snake’s head tight with her bare hands. 

However, the snake didn’t oblige and tried to escape, tying its body tightly around the roof beam. 

Locals had to help her by prodding a long bamboo stick through the roof to create a large hole so that Ratta could catch the snake’s body. 

The whole operation took around 30 minutes and Ratta successfully caught the snake. It was brought down and later released into the wild.