Enormous saltwater crocodile shocks locals after it climbs ferry cable

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8629u4hpqmbo3vv/VRP14014.mp4?dl=0

An enormous saltwater crocodile shocked locals after it was seen climbing over a ferry cable in Australia.

The reptile was spotted floating over the cables before jumping back into the water and disappeared in Daintree river, Queensland on February 19.

Worker Brent was delivering a machine near the dock when he saw the animal.

Brent said that some locals told him that the croc would sometimes scratch its tummy on the cable.

He said: ‘The crocodile comes and goes in this place, like it was his home. It was amazing.’

The Daintree river is home to about 70 saltwater crocodiles, the largest being over 16ft-long.