High-speed truck dodges motorcycle and crashes into checkpoint

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9q7z8fqn2popp3v/VRP14035.mp4?dl=0

An out-of-control truck dodged a motorcycle and crashed into concrete barriers at a checkpoint.

The delivery vehicle was heading to the Thailand – Myanmar Friendship bridge to drop off boxes of coffee when it lost control along the way in Tak province on February 24.

CCTV footage shows the truck ploughing through orange traffic cones placed inside rubber tires to separate lanes as it tried to avoid the rider.

The motorcycle rider was able to move away from the truck, which slammed into a police tent set up for a security checkpoint near the bridge.

At least six police officers were seen running away, including a patrol dog being taken care of to help guard the border.

Emergency services rushed to reach the driver trapped inside the vehicle. He was then taken to the hospital to receive treatment for his injuries while the police cleared the wreckage from the road.

A police officer said they will investigate why the area has logged several accidents at the checkpoint area.

He said: ‘Trucks often crash at the Ban Huai Fon checkpoint. This has been the fourth time since last year so there must be something wrong. We are investigating to find out the cause.’