One-eyed ‘cyclops’ goat born in the Philippines


A bizarre one-eyed goat without a nose was born on a farm in the Philippines.

Evelyn Bala, 51, noticed her pet goat was struggling to give birth to its baby in Tarlac province on February 19.

The farmer worried that their pet could die as it had become too weak to push the kid out so they called a veterinarian for help. 

When the vet arrived, it gave the goat’s womb a massage before helping it force the birth.

After more than an hour, the kid finally appeared but the farmer was shocked when she saw its unusual appearance.

Shaenna, daughter of Evelyn, said at first her mother screamed upon seeing the deformed baby goat. However, the family named him ‘Theodore’, meaning a gift from god.

She said: ‘My mother shouted for us to come and have a look at the baby. We were amazed and confused at the same time. We were a little bit scared.’

The kid only had a single eyeball, but two corneas were attached to it while its tongue protruded out of its mouth.

As the baby could not suck milk from its mother, they had to feed it with formula using a dropper so it can eat.

At first, the family thought the animal would eventually die as it did not have a nose for breathing, but the baby goat managed to survive for four nights before passing away.

Shaenna said that the special animal appeared to have superpowers to make it so far.

She said: ‘Theodore was special to us and I hope that it lives longer so we could spend more time with it. He seems to be stronger than before, so I think he will keep fighting.’

Veterinarian Dr Tonny Baligad, who treated the baby goat, said it may have had congenital abnormalities while it was still forming in the womb.

He said: ‘The parent’s genes may not have matched so it resulted to a congenital abnormality.’